Frequently Asked Questions

Can I close my account and be forgotten?

Yes, if you close your account Thnkster will remove all of your data and account details.

Can I reset the levels for some or all of my questions?

Currenly you can reset all questions to the learning state (Level Zero) by deactivating a Deck and then reactivating it. If enough requests for the ability to reset individual questions come in we will consider implementing it.

Why can't I import questions from Anki / Memrise?

Part of your learning process is to formulate your own questions. You will have a much stronger connection to the material you are learning if you write your own questions rather than importing some pre-built set of questions.

Thnkster isn't working out for me. Can I get a refund?

If you close your account while you have a subscription active we will refund a prorated amount of the unused time to the payment method you used to subscribe with.